Understanding what goes into a product is becoming more and more important these days. With many candle companies using chemicals & Toxins in their products, our mission is to provide our customers with the most eco-friendly, non-toxic product possible. Here's how we do it!


While soy wax is taking the candle market by storm, many manufactures ignore the impact that mass production of soy is having on our planet. Most Soy candles are not natural, sustainable or cruelty free.


For these reasons, Paws & Co use a 100% natural, sustainable, renewable, cruelty free & eco-friendly blend of Rapeseed & Coconut Wax. Using our blend of wax ensures we can deliver a product that we know our customers will enjoy & love. Although our blend of wax is more expensive than others, we don't care! We're willing to take the hit on the cost to ensure we're doing our part for the environment & providing a high quality product that meets our ethical goals.


We're very conscious of the amount of waste that we produce as humans. We've made it our mission to ensure all packaging that we use is either renewable, eco-friendly, recycled or recyclable. From the sticker on the front of the candle, too the box we pack the candle in, every part of our packaging is recyclable.


You might wonder why our Paws & Co box has split edges? This is because we don't use any form of laminate that normally holds the corners together & instead only use recycled paper. 

Green bubble wrap? Ooxodegradable bubble wrap is the most eco-friendly packaging on the market. When the bubble film is exposed to the combined effects of sunlight, stress, microbes and heat the end result is a product which is digested harmlessly by micro organisms and turned into the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and biomass.


We're trying our very best to source as much of our packaging from sustainable suppliers. Please try and do your part for the planet and pop our packaging in the recycling bins! 

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All candles produced by Paws & Co use a natural blend of essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. Using natural essential oils give both pet & owner fantastic health benefits, including aromatherapy perks.

We carefully source and blend our essential oils to produce a finished product that we're proud to sell. All candles are lovingly hand poured in the UK & quality checked throughout the manufacturing stages to ensure the best possible quality & finish.


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We don’t have any products to show right now.